Willa Gebbie is a Scottish illustrator who specialises in lifestyle and fashion illustration. Her illustrations use confident line, textured with feminine watercolour and contemporary digital elements. 

Willa has more than 5 years’ experience in live fashion illustration and has worked at PR and blogger events, in-store launches, parties, catwalks and VIP dinners.


Fashion illustration | iPad illustration | Hand-embellished packaging | Window painting and displays

It was great to work with Willa at our UGG event. There was a queue all night for the live illustration and guests were delighted with their portraits.
— Lisa Henderson UGG DTC Marketing Manager
We were thrilled by the response from influencers to our hands-on, Make It Yours customisation workshop; meaning that the event was oversubscribed. Willa was flexible and professional, making for a great, relaxed and successful event.
The hand-painting pop-up proved to be really popular with customers and Willa’s confident and friendly approach meant that she was a joy to work with. We’d happily recommend her talent and professionalism.
— Emily Murray, Value Retail PR