• What is live illustration? 

Each of our artists come to your event and draw live in-front of your guests, helping to create an unique experience and get people talking.

There's different ways in which we can do that. The most popular request is for us to create quick, (approx. 7 minute) sketches of your guests that they can take home with them as a gift, or souvenir of the event.  But, there's other ways! How about a large mural, or ipad sketches, or hand drawn packaging or even body painting? We're open to ideas.

  • What kind of events do you do?

We have worked at in-store events, blogger parties, PR launches. internal team-training events, Christmas parties and sit-down dinners.  We aim ourselves at the fashion and retail industries, but we're open to all suggestions.

Weddings and similar private parties are by special request only.

  • How much do you charge?

Our price varies depending on how long the event lasts, where it is, and what you want to do with the artwork.  just drop one of us a line and we'd be happy to give a quote. As a general rule for live events we work on an hourly rate plus travel.

  • How long can an artist work for?

We're really flexible, but live events are physically quite tiring, so as a guide, artists will draw for up to 3 hours before having a break.  This helps to keep the artists happy and the quality high.

  • Will you travel outside London?

Do you mean somewhere sunny and exotic? Yes please!  Seriously though, we're happy to chat about anywhere from Margate to Marbella.  Just try and give us as much notice as possible.

  • I'm an illustrator and I'd like to join your collective.

Thank you! It's nice to know that we seem like a good bunch.  Unfortunately, right now, we're not open to new members.  But, please send one of us an email with some details about yourself, your style, and the live drawing events that you have done so far.  Your email will be kept on file for the future.