Live Portrait Illustration

Each of our illustrators also offers bespoke, on-the- spot portrait drawings. Your guests can have their own portrait drawn, or the portrait of a loved one (from a photograph) if preferred.

Popular around gifting periods like Mothers’ or Valentine’s Day, portraits are also useful for product tie-ins such as sunglasses or jewellery.

Perfect for in-store events, blogger events and PR dinners.

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Live Hand Lettering and Calligraphy

Hand lettering is a beautiful brush-painted form of type. We can create personalised words, monograms or phrases for your guests, adding a special touch to gifts and personal purchases.

Applications range from gift tags and notecards to your product and packaging itself, be it notebook, lipstick or wine bottle.

Perfect for in-store events, blogger events, and even cleverly-handled online flash sales.

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Illustration / Lettering Workshops

Workshops are an effective, popular way to engage with influencers, PRs and VIP customers, and to co-create visual content. We offer workshops in fashion illustration, portraiture and hand lettering, and can also develop bespoke sessions around your products and brand message.
We can work with you to creatively explore objects, places and stories in mixed media, and to find inspiration from texts, images and physical items.  Perfect for blogger events, PR launches and in-house training events.

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